MegaDice Review

MegaDice is considered to be a classic in terms of bitcoin casino games and is loved in an endearing way by most bitcoin players. Since being sold from it’s founder Eric Voorhees in 2012 to an unknown source, many funny stories have arisen surrounding who runs the site, including the “urban legend” that it runs off of an old, abandoned Nokia phone that lives in a random subway in Tokyo… bizarre!

Blockchain Feature

MegaDice is pretty unique in terms of gambling, as it has a feature that most other sites do not; players have the ability to place their bets on a blockchain. Furthermore, you can use every feature of the site without having to download any add on features, making play time quick and simple. When it comes to actually placing bets, the process is just as quick and simple.

Whilst most players love to take advantage of the unique blockchain feature, MegaDice does also offer the option to play off-blockchain. This version of the site is pretty similar to the basic and common bitcoin sites that most players have probably come across before, and therefore is user friendly to both beginners and more advanced players. All a player needs to do is select the odds they wish to play with, choose the sum of bitcoins they would like to bet with and then select the dice to roll it and begin the game!

Special Features

The graphics on the site are fairly simple, and nothing that will particularly stand out to you or stay with you once you’ve left the game. There are no special features to the site, however there are a few special features available during play time- these include rare wins and losing streaks. The site is pretty basic however, and whilst MegaDice is a classic, it’s simple design cause it to lose out against it’s competitors.

In terms of the trustworthiness of MegaDice, they do offer the chance to prove that each of your rolls were calculated in a fair way so that players can be sure there are no set ups. You can see the technical spec of the provably fair system here.


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So, as a classic game, MegaDice does the job for a quick gamble to pass the time whilst you’re waiting for dinner to cook. However, it does have some cons that prevent it from being a popular game that you’d like to dedicate more of your time to. First of all, players from the USA are blocked from using the site, and even if you aren’t from the USA but have an IP address that originates from there or links back to their in any way, you too will be blocked. In addition to this, there is no built in gambling bot. Whilst this isn’t always an issue for players, it does mean that you don’t have the access any automatic martingale strategies and have to download third party software to use them for game time which is a little inconvenient.

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